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Welcome to the home of the Technology People Podcasts. As part of our commitment to sharing stories, and providing innovative thinking we sponsor a number of our team to create their own podcast series.

Below you will find a link to each podcast where you can listen to the latest episodes, subscribe and get in touch with the presenters of the shows.

selling in tech D Rock

Selling in Tech with DRock

Presented by Danielle Rock

Selling In Tech with DRock – Presented by Danielle Rock

The Selling in Tech’ podcast is specifically designed for people working in emerging technologies. Whether in Sales, Management & Business Development. Lots of podcasts already focus on this sector, but they are not for the salespeople that REALLY make these businesses fly. Those people do the hard work to knock on doors. Those who demonstrate amazing pieces of technology and ultimately convince customers to be part of their journey. No start-up ever got to a multimillion-dollar valuation without an amazing sales team behind it, and these are their stories!

Although physically based in Australia, we aim to interview sales movers and shakers from all over the world. We cover all areas of emerging technologies including Fintech, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, IoT, and anything else in the sector.

Your host is Danielle Rock – sales recruiter and friend to many. So please make a tea, coffee (or pour yourself a wine) and sit down with DRock where we chat about all things sales and a little bit of everything else too.

Career Journeys and Aspirations

Presented by Mike Roddy

Career Journeys and Aspirations – Presented by Mike Roddy

Dedicated to sharing some of the most interesting and inspiring career journeys by high achievers across diverse industry and community groups.

In this series, we explore the ambition and adventures planned to enhance a life of purpose and fulfillment.