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recruitment as a project

“recruitment as a project” is a partnership model designed to build teams and capability in an “outcome-based” engagement. Simply put, we act like an extension of your talent acquisition function by executing a schedule of multiple Technology hires within agreeable time-frames for a simple pre-agreed fixed cost.

Our recruitment projects have supported customers through significant growth phases as well as strategic engagements to replace contractors with permanent staff, which have seen both uplift in capability and a significant cost reduction.

partnership for outcomes

technology people is reinventing the way companies hire their IT staff and specifically when the requirement is for a large number of hires over a short period of time. Typically the main routes were either internal recruitment staff or a ‘panel of suppliers’. This often leads to longer delivery times and high costs. Often not delivering the desired outcomes for extended periods of time.

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the concept is simple.
the execution takes commitment.

Having your commitment as a partner allows us to focus exclusively on your project, This reduces the time taken which in turn reduces the cost. You get the outcome you need faster and it costs you less.

We give you a fixed cost to deliver the project.

We bring our technology and skills then mix this with your brand to create a powerful message to attract the talent you need.

We agree a timeframe for delivery of shortlists, interviews and hires and support the On-Boarding of the new hires.

our approach simplified



Take a detailed brief around every role.



Define a timeframe to work within to deliver the resource.



Agree a go to market strategy (branding, social strategy, technology solutions).



Agree how we engage with your team to drive the process and provide you with a fixed price to deliver.



Recruiters are deployed and tracked within the project plan delivering against agreed milestones.

Joanne Maggs

want to know more..?

want to know more..?

Joanne Maggs

Joanne Maggs

Director, Sales & Services

Director, Sales & Services

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success stories

Multiple hires

We were approached to manage a project for 25 Strategic hires for a new operating model.

The project needed to be executed over 6 weeks.

We had to Own and deliver the project including managing all internal and external applications.

We Used the Qantas Brand to act and look like an extension of their brand.

Carried out a search assignment for each shortlist.

Full evaluation of each position and applicant.

All delivered within the 6 week project plan.

New team build

Technology People are providing an embedded recruitment solution to support significant growth and scale across their IT landscape.

Xinja is building an independent, 100% digital neobank for Australians.

They are building and designing this bank from the ground up for mobile devices using AI technology (artificial intelligence).

Technology People are providing an embedded recruitment solution to support significant growth and scale across their IT landscape.

Roles included: Dev Ops, Business Analysts, Automation Testers, Solution Architects, UX research and design, Payments and Lending Programme leads.

We designed and executed a branded campaign so we could act as an extension of the Xinja team.

Exclusive Partner to Deliver on a Transformation of Technology

We helped one of Australia’s leading Software Companies deliver the capability that supported a core transformation of technology uplifting to modern platforms.

GBST (ASX:GBT) is Australia’s leading provider of software to the Wealth Sector with a significant presence in Australia and the UK.

In 2017 they conceived a project called “Evolve” to uplift a core part of their technology stack. Technology People were appointed as the partner to deliver the people to the project.

Providing a blended solution that required up to 50 resources over a 6 month period.

Provided the Program Management capability to manage the plan and build, supported but a large number of SME resources across key competencies.

Roles Included: Development / Software Engineering, Integration (API Driven), Testing, DevOps, Architecture & Design, Business Analysis, Delivery Management, Agile – Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches.

Great outcome for the project successfully delivering on all roles roles across NSW, QLD and the UK.