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For seasonal flux and project staffing, we offer our contracting recruitment model.

As our most flexible engagement model, contracting provides on-demand specialists used for shorter-term impacts.

Whether an hourly, daily or fixed-term engagement, we can source the project, DX, development or other specialists you require.

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50 new technical resources

Technology People where engaged by GBST in 2017 as the exclusive recruitment partner to assist them with several key technology transformation projects.

The scope of the work included client specific initiatives and a core platform modernisation projects.

We provided high performing contracting teams predominately in the digital and project services domain across Sydney, London and Brisbane markets.

We supported GBST Leadership Team and HR by providing detailed market intelligence, pricing information, supporting interviews, along with reports on skill availability in line with their current and future technology stacks.

This enabled us to successfully deliver: Programme Directors, Project Managers/Coordinator, Digital Architects, UX Lead, Developers, Business Analysts, and System Testers.