Meet Mike

Mike Roddy is reputed for his novel and reformative success in the IT, Executive and Specialist Recruitment sector, Business Consultancy, Strategic Sales and Operations fields.

Whether through a storied career, the foundation of charitable Organisation or the rigid discipline of competitive marathon running, Mike is driven by a desire to forge connections between people and purpose focused on delivering positive outcomes for all.

Mike has consistently led large corporate and small to medium enterprises to both profit and the actualisation of their vision. This has been documented in a series of various internal awards and industry accolades including leading a team as Finalist for the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Business Awards, Growth Company of the Year (while Managing Director) by Recruitment International and Finalist in the annual Financial Review Aspire awards.

Mike is also the co-founder of a charitable organisation that gives to community members battling with life challenges and terminal illness, aptly titled, Adventures with Purpose.

Career Journeys and Aspirations

Career Journeys and Aspirations

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