Quarterly Value Winners

Quarterly Value Winners

Here at Technology People we have an internal recognition program for those who represent our company values.

Once a quarter we like to celebrate and remember what drives us everyday by rewarding someone in the team that particularly stood out for any of the values we live by.

Our values are:

  • Energy is everything – We give it our all. We are relentless and get it done
  • We not me – We support each other. No egos here.
  • Integrity is our way of life – We do the right thing. Always.
  • Challenge the ordinary – We are constantly evolving. And we don’t settle.

This Quarter’s winners are Cristiana and Damien, congratulations guys!

Some of the nominations they received were:

Cristiana has been very proactive since she has started. Always willing and ready to lend a helping from all things IT, Finance and general procedures.

Cristiana has contributed really well to the whole office in her first quarter at Technology People and it has been brilliant to see!

Damien brings his all, every day, and he’s almost always the last one out the door. I worked my first role with him on client-side this quarter and he does a great job. He helped screen, collaborated with me when searching, and made sure I knew what I was doing.

Damien consistently dedicates long hours and hard work to get results, especially in his new position.

Cristiana recently joined as our Operations Manager and Damien has been part of our sales team since 2017, now looking after enterprise and core technologies.

If you’d like to know what are they passionate about and have a chat you can get in touch with them on the contacts below.

Damien LorDamien Lor
Senior Consultant | Technology People
M: +61 404 079 818
P: +61 2 9037 0356
E: damien@technologypeople.com.au

Cristiana Crivellaro

Cristiana Crivellaro
Operations Manager | Xpert Group
P: +61 2 9037 0318
E: cristiana@xpertgroup.com.au