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Delivery Consultant

  • Love Travelling
  • People Person
  • Keen Learner
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Supreet Kaur joined Technology People in mid-2022 as Delivery Consultant. She has 10+ years of working experience in guest relations, customer service, sales, and recruitment.

Supreet is a people person. She loves having conversations and helping people with their needs. Not many would think recruitment brings a smile to people’s faces, but for Supreet it certainly does! Helping candidates get their dream job is what makes her happy.

Supreet’s goal is to grow her IT recruitment skills and learn as much as she can to bring her knowledge to Technology People Group.

Icebreaker – Supreet loves exploring new cities and towns. She loves taking pictures, trying different cuisines, and exploring the local cafes. She is a big fan of snow and cold weather, therefore she would like to visit every place on this earth where it snows!