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Delivery Consultant

  • Ridiculously competitive
  • Dark chocolate enthusiast
  • Kiwi at heart
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Selena Baker joined the Melbourne team at Technology People Group in May 2021. Selena is an energetic individual with over ten years professional experience in client facing roles across Australia, Los Angeles and Dubai, where she developed the necessary skills and diplomacy to influence, communicate and engage diverse teams and cultures. She is results focussed, flexible, self-motivated and organised in both her professional and personal relationships. Always willing to take on a challenge, she will whole heartedly immerse herself in every environment to achieve success.

Icebreaker – A naturally born yes woman, Selena went to LA at 17 y.o. representing Australia while Virgin International was launched. Walking kangaroos around Hollywood Grammy events saw the birth of her client-facing experience. Fast forward ten years, Selena has travelled 82 countries, managed the Emirates Airline First Class VIP client base, launched an International women’s rugby club in the UAE and founded a program to supply goods to an Orphanage in Uganda. Always up for a challenge, Selena has a past in gymnastics, martial arts, diving, tennis, rugby, bachata and the occasional iron man.