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+61 7 3999 8642

Delivery Manager – Brisbane

  • 5+ years experience in IT, Digital and Generalist Recruitment
  • Specialist in internal and external Recruitment
  • Passion for understanding people and connecting the brightest talent to organisations
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Reneesha Naidoo joined Technology People in 2020. She started her career in internal recruitment by managing the entire recruitment function of a legal services company.

Reneesha spent the last 5 years in both internal and external recruitment. She is recognised throughout Brisbane for delivering integrated people and business solutions, both strategically and operationally. Reneesha has proven herself to be an invaluable asset in talent acquisition and the management of skilled workforces in the technology space.

Icebreaker – Reneesha enjoys traveling and exploring large cities. She has lived in a few countries and one of her favourite cities is Paris. She enjoys exploring the art, cuisine, fashion and entertainment that Paris has to offer.