Project Description


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Delivery Consultant

  • 2 years in sales for retail and technology
  • 2 years focusing on Customer relations to successfully provide solutions
  • people person – enjoys chatting and understanding the passion and strengths of candidates
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After working in sales in retail and technology, Charbel Gerges has joined Technology People as a Delivery Consultant. He has a passion for successfully finding solutions for his customers. He is a people person who enjoys chatting and understanding the passions and strengths of the candidates he works with. Fuelled by honesty, humbleness, and teamwork (feeds off other people’s energy), he is excited to create new connections and maintain them.

Icebreaker – Charbel is constantly finding ways to enhance his wellbeing and improve his mental and physical strength. If there is a limit, he seeks to find it and break it, and this comes from the commitment and determination displayed within his hobbies. He enjoys bodybuilding and the intensity it requires to evolve and compete against himself. He is a music enthusiast and has performed before, and in his spare time, he likes to watch various sports, including the NBA, UFC, or Olympia.