Project Description

Alex Taylor

+61 481 818 556

Delivery Manager

  • Consultative problem-solver
  • Start-up specialist
  • Addicted to learning
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Alex Taylor is a keen, driven, and professional member of our team who is just starting to make his mark in the recruitment industry.

Having started in the Melbourne IT market in mid-2021, he got off to a quick start thanks to his perseverance, adaptability, and all-around drive to get the job done. He prides himself on punctuality, conscientiousness, and the promise that if he commits to delivering by a certain deadline, there’s nothing that can get in the way of him meeting this deadline.

With a background in leadership, training, IT, finance, and small business, Alex can cover a variety of requirements for our clients, but his real passion is in the leadership space. Be it building relationships with Melbourne’s best IT leaders or identifying leadership DNA in a future leader, he is always ‘listening to learn’ and comprehending the current and future objectives of an individual to ensure that they are partnered with an organisation that best aligns with their goals.

Icebreaker – Alex is a Sunshine Coast native who has an extremely hard time in Melbourne winters. Lucky for him, he’s also a huge fan of open fires, mulled wine, and a nice coat so it all evens out nicely.