Building a quality team is no easy feat, just ask any business owner. Companies large and small can spend months or even years selecting the perfect people for their organisations, and it’s not without a certain amount of pain along the way.

At Technology People, we aim to alleviate growing pains for our clients as much as possible by finding stellar people, who help expanding companies thrive. 

Over the years, we’ve honed in on recruitment models that best serve our clients’ specific needs, and we collaborate to ensure the partnership works well within an organisation’s established framework. 

For us, it’s never a one-size-fits-all equation. Your organisation is unique, and therefore, needs a unique hiring solution.

Helping you scale

Four years ago, we created an exclusive recruitment offering for our clients: the project-based partnership model. Born out of a need for efficient scaling, this model helps our clients during times of rapid growth and change. 

This partnership model was designed to build teams and capability quickly and deliver tangible outcomes. We act like an extension of your organisation by delivering multiple hires within a specified time-frame for a pre-agreed fixed cost.

Rather than internal recruitment staff or a panel of suppliers, both of which can lead to longer delivery times and higher costs, this model allows us to focus exclusively on your project. 

We agree on a timeframe for delivery of shortlists, interviews and subsequent hires, and then support the onboarding process. Ultimately, you get the outcome you need quickly, and it costs you less.

Our simplified approach

With this approach, we’ve supported our clients through significant growth phases and strategic engagements to replace contractors with permanent staff, which have seen both an increase in capacity and significant cost reduction.

  1. We take a detailed brief for every role.
  2. We define a timeframe to work within to deliver the resource.
  3. We agree on a go-to-market strategy (branding, social strategy, technology solutions).
  4. We agree on an engagement strategy with your team to drive the process and provide you with a fixed price to deliver.
  5. We deploy our recruiters and track our progress along the way, delivering on agreed milestones.

Build your dream team

One of our more recent projects using this model was a new team build for Xinja, an independent, 100% digital neobank for Australians. 

To bring banking into this new digital world, Xinja is using AI technology to build its platform from the ground up and rethink traditional ideas of how a bank should operate.

Needless to say, Xinja has some talented minds behind the development of this project, and we’ve provided an embedded recruitment solution to support significant growth and scale across their IT function. 

The roles we hired for included: Dev Ops, Business Analysts, Automation Testers, Solution Architects, UX Research and Design, Payments and Lending Programme leads.

By using this model, we’re able to provide Xinja with top-notch forward thinkers and industry disruptors, who have the skills to bring this product into the hands of everyday Australians. 


If you think the project-based partnership model may be right for your business or want to learn more about it, please get in touch with us at  or (+61) 2 9037 0300.

Scaling quickly and efficiently is a major hurdle for any organisation. Let us help you get it right.  – Joanne Maggs, Director, Sales & Services