Our office have recently implemented some good practices in terms of recycling and sorting our day-to-day waste.

With the help of Investa, our building management company, we started being more aware of how we can positively impact on the future of the environment.

In these days and age, we have no real excuses to be lazy about it, every single action counts towards making a better planet for ourselves and the future generations!

Some of the actions we have been following are: Our fight against waste

  • adding an organic bin to collect food / organic waste
  • eliminating under-desk bins, which have a huge impact in waste contamination, since we throw everything in there, from banana peels, to tea bags, plastic bags and printing paper
  • using KeepCups and our own mugs to get takeaway beverages from our local cafe’
  • collecting any reusable coffee cups still in use (luckily the number go down by the day!) in a Simply Cups tube, where they can be recycled and used to make rCups!
  • reusing paper as much as we can before throwing it into the shredding bin

Did you know that, in 2018…

  • Australians produce over 43 million tonnes of solid waste every year, with NSW alone producing the 35% of it
  • Every year each Australian throws out 330 kgs of paper, 118 of plastic and a staggering 414 kgs of food

Source: here

Any company in Australia can drastically improve how they differentiate their waste, taking little steps everyday!

A recent report from our building’s waste showed we collectively manage to recycle only 28% of the total waste we make (divided between paper/cardboard, mixed recycling, organic, secure paper) and this is due to contamination such as throwing landfill waste in the recycling bin, which makes the whole bin unsuitable to recycle!

Our goal within a year is to get to 65% of our waste to be successfully recycled, it’s a big effort but we can make it!

How about you? What is your company doing to help the planet?

Cristiana Crivellaro Cristiana Crivellaro
Operations Manager | Xpert Group
P: +61 2 9037 0318
E: cristiana@xpertgroup.com.au