We interviewed Si Pusey the founder of Feast !

Si Pusey - Feast

We were lucky enough to manage to grab 5 mins with Si Pusey, from Feast. Feast is London’s Late Night Delivery Service. Operating from 7pm to 4am Feast partners the best 24 hour restaurants to give people a choice of quality food, where previously there was none.  This is what he said :-

How old where you when you first tried a venture? 20

Do you have any role models? Robert Nadler (Nadler Hotels) and David Taylor (founder of Balans). Both started with very little but had very clear visions of what they wanted to achieve. Robert was a Soho policeman, David opened a sandwich bar. Both have gone onto create really big successful brands proving you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.

Who has taught you the most? Regarding any personal and career ambitions I have it has to be my dad. Otherwise travel  and living abroad has really opened my eyes to ideas and opportunities.

Which one failure did you learn most from? Cure, the company that Feast was initially born out of. Terrible idea but made it immediately obvious what a better course and business model to take was. Feast wouldn’t have happened without that initial setback.

If a plaque had to go up in one coffee shop/restaurant/bar saying Feast was founded here where would it be? My friend and landlord at the time’s kitchen table. I built the first website (which was awful) from there, while doing other freelance work on the side.

What is the best thing about working at Feast? The huge challenge, the highs when things go well, the freedom to be creative and meeting and working with like-minded people.

London or Sydney? London

Sexism in tech ? Definitely. Just statistically there are far few fewer women. The roles are also divided – more male engineers, more females in marketing. I think there’s a lot of pressure to be macho and opinionated and this aggressive culture may put women off going for certain roles in tech.


To learn more about Feast checkout their website at https://www.feasthq.com/ and next time you need a bite to eat at 3am give their service a try, we did and it was excellent ! Thanks Si.