Tim Tszyu’s victory over Jeff Horn certainly lived up to the hype of the sporting event of the year. One could argue, the event of the year, but let’s take out our bias here. Like all great champions, Tim thanked his opponent, Jeff Horn, and paid recognition to his team as success would not have happened in the way it did without such a supportive group around him.

It got me thinking as to why our business, Technology People and Team Tszyu 2.0 have been such a winning combination judged by a number of measures. There is so much information out there on what makes teams work with no ‘i’ in team etc so I will spare the clichés however there are some observations I am keen to share.

Both teams have a common set of values. Not only in terms of belief but in action. Perhaps I could be old fashioned in terminology for a moment and describe it as respect and as a result, a real sense of friendship has developed over time. That has never been more evident as our team has trained with Tim, our MD of Victoria, Steve Scanlan was in the corner on the night of the fight and the regular appearances Tim has made in meeting our clients and candidates through webinars and various events.

Hard work has been the foundation of Tim’s’ success. You may recall in the article No retreat, No Surrender how much Tim wanted to win and he was ready on a moment’s notice to earn his victory. Every day he worked towards his goal. Of course, working smart is critical too and if you watched the fight closely, Tim was able to counter all the challenges that came his way from Jeff Horn and assert his authority as per the plan set out for him.

The other element I wanted to share was Tim’s belief. At no point in Tim’s demeanor is there any doubt on the imminent success he has had and expects to achieve. In fact, Tim’s resolve to be a world champion is as strong as ever and the victory in Townsville was a stepping stone.

Investing in a sponsorship is a decision that always requires careful consideration particularly during these challenging times. Our expertise, work ethic, and goals as an IT Recruitment specialist are parallel to Tim’s journey and aspiration. Our investment has enriched our workplace culture and provided a sense of unity for a team that is located across the country that in part is in lockdown and working remotely part of the time. Our clients and candidates have been able to access first hand of what goes through the mind of a future world champion and what it takes to truly stand out.

We will always continue to support aspiring Athletes, Community events, and various Charities of which are all so worthy. It is in our DNA if you like.

Technology People is so proud to be associated with Tim and all of Team Tszyu 2.0. We look forward to the next chapter and from where we stand, that’s what makes a winning combination!

Mike Roddy
Managing Director – Queensland | Technology People
M: +61 439 687 731
P: +61 739 998641
E: mike@technologypeople.com.au
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