These are the 10 skills to learn if you want to advance in a career in tech

Matt Weinberger In the tech industry, as in life, change is the only constant. Whether you're just starting out, you're angling for a better gig, or you're just trying to thrive right where you are, it's important that you're up-to-date with the latest technologies — or else you may already be behind the curve, as the hot new tech

4 HR Tech Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Last year we saw some insane new leaps in the technology world, including the new “king” of smartphones, a computer that can learn (kind of) like a human, and even exploding tablets. The workplace experienced a similar leap, particularly in human resources—in fact, Capterra caught a number of 2016 HR trends early, including gamification in recruiting, candidate experience,

5 workforce management trends to watch in 2017

Workforce management and HCM will continue to evolve in 2017. Here are five trends to watch for in the coming year. By Sharon Florentine Senior Writer, CIO What will 2017 hold for the human capital management (HCM)/workforce management space? Organizations will focus on strengthening relationships between their workers and managers, leveraging data to improve engagement, and lowering attrition

How attractive is the UK for Salesforce Professionals post-Brexit ?

A lot has been written about the pros and the cons of Brexit on the UK economy. My personal views here are particularly irrelevant (as a Kiwi that didn’t have a vote in the referendum), but where I am qualified to comment is on the effect that it’s been having on the global workforce of Salesforce Professionals that

Never accept a counter offer!!! ……Here is why

When you have received an offer of employment which you are inclined to accept, you should consider very carefully whether it really solves your problem and offers you the opportunity you are seeking before you resign from your current employment. If you choose to accept the offer and to resign from your current employment, you must be prepared to

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